The Evil Passenger

‘Can I check your passport?’, he asked. “sure thing here you go” Henry said. So henry gave his passport to the security so they can check it out to see if anything is wrong with it. So they scanned the passport with a special scanner and Henry was not because his picture looked nothing like him the picture had black hair but he had blond hair so they had to check his suitcase and that was not safe he had food in his suitcase and your not aloud to have food there so he got sent out of the airport very fast and silently, so he left.

3 Replies to “The Evil Passenger”

  1. dear Samara I really enjoyed the part where the passport pitcher looked nothing like him because it makes it interesting one thing that you could do is make the character talk more but still really good and I like it

  2. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) says: Reply

    Hello Samara, well that was a disappointing trip to the airport. I’m always a bit worried about my passport too, because I can look quite different with changes to hairstyle etc but I haven’t been stopped yet so it can’t be that different. I think lots of people don’t realise how dangerous it can be putting food items in the luggage and what creepy, crawly things could be contained in them. Well done.

  3. samara56mps says: Reply

    thank you cath

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